A hidden talent is always stronger !

Legitside provides legit looking cheats for CS:GO. Cheap, powerful and secure, our software is always updated and safe against VAC bans.
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Why Legitside ?

Stable, Powerful And Secure

Our cheat is always being updated, it keeps you away from VAC bans and reports from other players.

Friendly Team

Our team is always here to answer your questions, play with you and share their tips on Discord.

Go Invisible

We provide a fully customizable software so you can hide your cheat from your stream and your viewers.

Full Of Features

Aimbot, Wallhack, Triggerbot, Skinchanger... and many more ! Everything is fully customizable.

Join Our Community

Legitside is not just a cheat, it's also a community where you can find other players and create groups.

Cheap And Perfect

Legitside is one of the cheapest cheat on the market, it contains many fun and useful features.

A Lot Of Features

All the features are safe to use and fully customizable. You can make them looking legit or choose to destroy your enemies with more power.