Coming from Unknownskill ? You are invited to migrate your subscription for free !

Since 2017, we are providing the best long-term undetected cheat for CS:GO and we are now planning to improve all our services, add more features and make sure to satisfy your needs as much as we can. Legitside team commits to provide higher standards and the best possible experience, resulting of better performance, better features, available support team and regular updates.

How to get Legitside for free ?

It’s simple, add Legitside to your cart and use your existing Unknownskill email or license key as a payment method :

Important : You will have to create a new account (your old Unknownskill account does not exist anymore).

0. Register and login with your new Legitside account directly from here. You will receive an email to change your password and activate your account.

1. Click on purchase on the product page here : Do not select monthly subscription when migrating your Unknownskill license !

2. Select “Unknownskill subscription migration” as a payment method.

3. Fill your email address, first name and last name.

4. Type your Unknownskill email or license key.

5. Agree to the terms and conditions and click on purchase :

Please note that your old Unknownskill license can take between 1 to 24 hours before getting a confirmation. You will then receive a email when your Legitside license will be activated.

Will you loose any benefits from your previous subscription ?

No, you will keep your existing subscription and benefit of all the new features and improvements.

Why did we choose to start a new project from scratch ?

We just wanted to change everything, from the website to the software, everything is brand new and updated with even more features and improvements. Starting from scratch is providing us more flexibility to create something even better.